Scanning FAQ:
  How does scanning a document work?

To begin the process, your documents are prepared for insertion into the high-speed scanner. This includes removing all staples, paperclips, sticky notes, taping torn pages or anything that could prevent a clean pass through the scanner. The documents are run through the scanner utilizing software to create a digital image of the paper. The electronic images are indexed according to your individual requirements for future retrieval. Next, the images are reviewed as part of a quality control process to ensure they are as good, if not better, than the original paper document. The quality control analyst also checks the index for accuracy at this time. Finally, the images are stored in a document storage system of your choice.

Can any document be converted into an electronic format?

There is almost no limit to the type of document that can be converted. Elite Imaging Services, Inc. can process everything from check size documents to larger documents used by engineering firms, legal practices, or medical files.

What type of software does Elite Imaging Services, Inc. use?

Elite Imaging Services, Inc. uses software provided by .

How are documents indexed and how many indexes are allowed?

Elite Imaging Services, Inc. can work with you to establish an indexing strategy that will work best for your business. Each field defined for the index will be used to capture descriptive information about the documents stored in the application for future retrieval. Our software will allow up to 64 fields for each application.

Does Elite Imaging Services, Inc. support Optical Character Recognition?

We do! Our software can be configured to automatically OCR pages during the scanning process. The software creates a text version of the pages being scanned at the document level, entire files, or a specific region of page(s) being scanned.

How long will it take Elite Imaging Services, Inc. to convert my paper to CD-ROM, DVD, or other electronic formats?

As each job varies in size, complexity, types of documents, and required indexes, we recommend that one of our representative's work with you to provide a time estimate based on your individual needs and requirements. We can work with you to ensure time sensitive jobs receive the priority level necessary to meet your goals.

What file formats do you support?

Our software supports TIFF, Windows Bitmaps, TGA, RTF, JPEG, GIF, PCX, DCX, and Adobe PDF.

Are there any hardware and software requirements?

Processor - Pentium 150 PC or faster
Hard disk space - 40 MB
Memory - 64 MB of RAM or faster
Operating System - Windows 95 (OSR 2), 98SE, Millennium Edition, NT 4.0 (SP 6), or Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server, or Professional

How difficult is the software to use?

The software is VERY easy to use and most people feel confident with its use in less than a half-hour.

What happens if our business makes changes to our existing system?

Simple! Just insert the CD or DVD into your new system and you are ready to go!

Are there other storage options?

Yes. Our representatives can discuss with you other options such as using a Network File Server or local or shared network hard disk to manage your documents.

How many documents can fit on one CD?

Between 15,000 and 20,000 81/2 X 11 black and white pages will fit on a single CD. DVD's will hold approximately five times the amount of a CD.

How does the quality of an electronic image compare to the original document?

Our software can be used to actually improve the quality of original documents! We can remove black smudges from copies made without the copier lid being closed, straighten skewed documents, remove backgrounds that are obscuring the information, darken and lighten text, etc.

Can documents be altered after they are imaged?

Not once the CD-ROM or DVD is created. WORM technology (Write Once Read Many) prevents manipulation or deleting of the original documents and is usually required if the images are to be used for legal purposes. Our software does allow you to create annotations or otherwise edit the documents once you copy them to your hard drive or other read/write media.

Can I add additional documents to the media at a later date?

It may be possible to add additional documents to your original CD or DVD, provided there is sufficient space. It may also be possible to create a new or additional CD's or DVD's containing the original information as well as the new documents.

Can you make more than one copy of a CD or DVD?

Elite Imaging Services, Inc. can make as many copies as you require.
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